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* Provides route servers for the RFC 3261 and RFC 3262 protocols* Includes ENUM and SIP/PSTN applications* Allows querying of databases with Microsoft Access or SQL Server* Supports web-based interfaces* Reliable performance* Built-in supporting functions* Detailed statistics* Consistent interface* Low hardware requirements* Compatibility with various platforms (Win XP/Vista, Win 7, Win 8,...)* Support of multiple SIP registrar addresses* Supports Microsoft/RADIUS in-band authentication* ENUM support (RFC 3966)DescriptionCracked TekSIP Route Server With Keygen is an application that supports the RFC 3261 and RFC 3262 standards and allows you to define prefix-based routes for SIP endpoints.The utility can also make use of HTTP servers and Microsoft SQL Server databases and it can display various system information using the operating system's performance monitor.View system counters and set up routing prefixesSince the application runs as a service inside your operating system, it can take advantage of tools like the performance monitor to display counters regarding various machine parameters. Among the included monitors, you can find data about the total amount of used memory, the number of entries in memory cache and the SIP requests receive rate.Although you can define resources records for a specific E.164 number, you also have the possibility to create prefixes and modify their RegEx and uniform resource identifier values. These prefix-based routes can be defined for particular SIP endpoints and you can also make use of the ENUM service to keep track of telephone number mapping.Work with Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server databasesTekSIP Route Server is capable of connecting to Microsoft SQL Server databases, as well as work with Access MDB documents to manipulate data. The credentials required for connection can be entered directly into the application's interface and you can manually edit the selection query, in order to extract the desired data.In addition, you can also enable and connect to your HTTP server by entering the appropriate login password, as well as the preferred port that you want to use. All of the traffic information, errors and warnings are logged by the application and saved into a text file on your computer for future reference.Closing argumentsAll in all, TekSIP Route Server supports all of the protocols and technologies required for optimal SIP routing. The Access and SQL Server compatibility is a major advantage, as is the 08929e5ed8

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